Passionate about all creatures, big and small

Join Danny in his Red Desert Reptiles Show, and learn how these unique creatures survive in the harsh desert environment. Danny’s love for reptiles started at a young age catching lizards and frogs in his garden.

Turning his passion into a career, he has been a snake catcher and wildlife keeper at Ayers Rock Resort for over 10 years, educating, entertaining and inspiring others to protect our wildlife for future generations.

Join Red Desert Reptiles and be brought into the lives of these special animals and get up close and personal.

From the watchful and nosy Bearded Dragon to the beautiful and gentle Woma Python (Kuniya), Red Desert Reptiles gives you an unforgettable opportunity to meet and greet the reptiles of the Red Desert of Central Australia. You will learn about these amazing creatures and how they survive and roam the desert landscape, before getting the chance to touch and hold the reptiles with photo opportunities to remember your one-of-a-kind encounter.